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Reviewing Back..

It's been months that i did not use Ubuntu Linux. Now im currently reviewing it again to some administration task. Im currently studying the two documentation:

Hope i can finish reviewing all by Monday and proceed to next step. asid from it I am also reviewing CSS and found some simple tutorial (Click here...).

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FS3 Consulting

F S 3 Consulting Inc. (FS3) is a consulting firm established in 2007 by technologists aiming to infuse their enthusiasm for technology with professionalism that will allow them to bring these skills and this passion to the enterprise. FS3 is a one-stop-shop dedicated to providing the best value for money consulting and outsourced IT support services for small and medium enterprises who wish to focus on their core businesses.

Im trying to apply to this firm as Junior Consultant. Today, i received the email stating the salary and benifits on joining their team also they want my confirmation if im interested to join their them so that they can schedule me for the interview. Now, im still thinking or planning if i will accept this or not, hopefully i can reply it by Monday and finalized everything.

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Zope Development

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