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Changing Logo on Media Wiki

I'm on research some admin task on media wiki for FOSS Toolkit for SMEs, im also trying to find how the modify the logo on the default installation and i've found this tutorial.

The $wgLogo variable specifies which graphical logo is displayed in the top left corner of all mediawiki pages.

Add the following two lines to LocalSettings.php (below the "require" statements):

$wgStylePath   = "/wiki/skins/"; 
$wgLogo = "{$wgStylePath}/common/images/wiki.png";

This replaces the default logo in the /wiki/skins/common/images/ directory.

Another option is to direct the $wgStylePath variable to the Upload Directory to be able to exchange the logo by updating uploaded files.

$wgStylePath is usually YOUR_WIKI_FOLDER/wiki/skins.

  • Note that in the example given, the $wgLogo points to /wiki/skins/common/images/wiki.png with the first part being defined by $wgStylePath. Make sure you have both correct, or $wgLogo will not point to where you think it's pointing.

Hope this will work.


Training of Trainers: FOSS Toolkit for SMEs

I had the oppurtunity joining the Training of Trainers (ToT): Free/Open Source Software Toolkit for Small-Medium-Enterprises in Mango Farm, Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines last November 4-7, 2008. Wherein 34 Trainee-participants from all over ASEAN+3 attended the event. below are the official list of Trainee. 

Damarin Phlong
Ly Sopheap

Ruth Marya
Devi Munandar
Handoko Suwono

Anouphone Bouthavong

RJ Ian Sevilla
JM Bitanga
Reuben Campos
Elvin Catantan
Evamay dela Rosa
Rodulfo Dorado, Jr.
Arturo Esmeralda
Edwin Glindro (Rogelio Falculan)
Rinbert Emmanual Laus
Evangeline Lopez
Hector Lopez, Jr.
Troy Frederick Lim
Rogelio Masangkay
Yolynne Medina
Gener Luis Morada
Al Rodriguez
Robert Sagun
Ismhael Veran
Cornelia Victolero
Evelyn Villaflor

Truong Anh Tuan
Pham Manh Linh
Nguyen Nhu Son
Nguyen Ngoc Khiem
Nguyen Ngoc Thanh
Nguyen Phouc Nam
Vu Thi Bich Ha
Tran Thi Tuyet

I was supposed to do session blog on the event but due to the problem of Internet connection of the venue including the hotel theres is no WiFi connectivity. But anyway during this event i finally meet some members of CP-Union who is also a participant on the event. 

I miss a lot of things during this event:
  1. Carlo for the Session
  2. JM for the TUX (wherein everyone wants it to bring home).
  3. Elvin forget Root (during the training session Drupal).
  4. Gener going to the cloud9 (hehehe hard to climb a mountain).
  5. Troy and AL for the camera (Pictorial Session).
  6. Ruth for the Banana split (eating at Robinson).
  7. Devi learning Chavacano.
  8. Thanh for teaching us to connect computer to computer connectivity.
  9. Robert migration IE to Firefox (Soon vista to Ubuntu hehehe)
I was also been assign to administer the site of this batch which will be upload by next week if i can finish the template. Hope to see you all soon. 🙂