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Free Wap Browsing on Globe

Yup, you hear it right you can browse website for free using your Globe Sim on your mobile, but all you have to do is activate your GPRS/MSS and have a Functional bookmarks. Below are the steps after you activate your GPRS/MSS.

1. You'll need a functional bookmarks like this one : http://ea.amob.com
2. After having the this bookmark when you need to browse another site here's the trick.
3. just at at the end of the bookmark address @ like http://ea.amob.com@
4. Then after the @ type the address you want to browse: http://ea.ambo.com@www.google.com

That's all the steps i use and it works on my Nokia 5200. I chat, downloads applications(Games, themes, Video etc.) and check emails on my mobile using my Globe Sim Card.

Note: For faster loading try to browse in the morning and dawn. 🙂

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  1. kaylangan po ba mobile sites lang? bakit po ung binigay nyo na example pwede ung iba po na sites ayaw na.

  2. Anong sabi? kasi i can browse naman ibang site using my Nokia 5200.

  3. I tried what you've posted using my Globe postpaid sim.. it works, I hope when the bill arrives, i won't be charged for 3G/gprs/wap usage..

  4. I tried using it on Twitter. I can see the profiles but I can't sign in. The same goes for Yahoo! Mail and Messenger. Is there a way of getting 'round this? Thanks so much! =]

  5. Thanks for all these kind of interesting information.

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  6. ok ah.. gumana.. pero panu free download ??

  7. hmm. I think the free download is still working.. not really sure..

  8. pwede po ba yan sa nokia 6020? di po kasi ako maka connect…

  9. hello akym,

    as long as you have activated you gprs on your CP you can use this tricks. im really sure.. ill post another tricks here sooner..


  10. gumagana pa yan sa 6020.. ung classmate q yan cp nya free nga xa sa friendster ee…

  11. RJ will it work on my O2 windows mobile? pssst WM hehehe.

  12. w8 lang postpaid k ryt?
    sa tattoo or starter not working ang @ trick n yan,,,
    sa other wap site n nkita qoh they use (dot) trik or like this
    t.globe.com.ph/”site or url”
    peo hanap pa qoh ng pang google na mabilis,, nu poh apn nian??
    bukmark at port and ip

    to kz gamit qoh

    apn: http.globe.com.ph
    ip : speednet.com
    port : 80/8080

    feed back poh

  13. is it working on 5630? Nabawasan ksi load ko, di ko lang sure if tama yung napili ko access point. Globeinet ung pinili ko. Any suggestions?

  14. my phone is 2700 before i can connect to internet using proxy server for a couple of weeks but suddenly i cant connect then my proxy has no effects anymore..what would i do…i set up already my configuration settings to personal but still nothings effect please i need your help..please email your answer to my email ad…..

  15. hmm gmagane pa rn b yan until now??at pde rn b yan sa 6020??pki got nmn otoi……XD

  16. dina gumagana ang @trick

  17. I tried it pero d na nag work.

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