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OpenBravo Menu

Reviewing OpenBravo menu to be able customized it your company needs.

  • General Setup

This menu tree system allow you to create your company setup a.k.a client, Username, changing Roles and creating your company Department.

  • Master Data Management

This menu tree system allow to configure and create your customer data as well as setting up your vendor/supplier, Product/Services, including the Price list.

  • Procurement Management

This menu tree system allow you to create requisition for the different department going to requisition to order.

  • Warehouse Management

This menu tree system allow to to input your Materials or you can use this system to do the inventory system.

  • Production Management
  • Sales Management

This menu tree system allow to do Quotation for your customer , Sales Order and Print the Charge Invoice. It also allow you to generated a sales report using this menu.

  • Financial Management

The Finanacial Menu tree is more on Accounting like the accounting receivable, Chart of accounts, and more.

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Initial Configuration of OpenBravo

It's been 3 days reviewing openbravo flow including it's function. If  you are new to openbravo you will be having  a hard time configuring it out which will suite to your company needs. I list some two(2) important things that you have to keep in mind to be able to setup openbravo correctly.

Understanding Roles on OpenBravo

Roles are a way of grouping users together according to what parts of the system they are allowed to work with.You could set up a Role for use by the sales organisation that allowed access only to the Sales Management module and relevant reports. Whenever a new member of the sales team joined the organisation you could then allocated that role to them without having to configure each new user individually.

A user can have more than one Role, but each user can only log in under one role at any one time. For example, if a user has a Sales role and a Purchasing role, they could not log in under both roles at the same time. When you log into Openbravo ERP for the first time, the systems administrator role is already set up to enable you to configure the system.

You can change user by clicking on the top left user icon.

Setting up a client A.K.A. Company

The first stage in setting up basic data is to create a client. The Initial Client Setup process helps you complete all the steps in the correct order. When you set up a client you must specify which accounting schema the system will use. In this step you will need an accounting file depends on your country.

  1. Download the accounting file for your country and save it to a location on the computer where Openbravo ERP is installed.
  2. Log into Openbravo ERP under the System Administrator role.
  3. From the menu, select General Setup > Client > Initial Client Setup. The Initial Client Setup window appears.
  4. In the Client field, type your client name. This is usually the name of your company.
  5. In the Organization field, type the name of one of your company's organizations, for example "MyCompany Paris" or "MyCompany Sales". You can add other organizations later.
  6. From the Currency menu, select your company's local currency.
  7. In the Client Username specify a user name for the Client Admin account.
  8. In the Organization Username field specify a user name for the Organization Admin account.
  9. From the Country drop-down list, select the country where the client is located.
  10. In the City field type the city where the client is located.
  11. In the Accounting Dimensions section, click Browse.... The File Upload box appears.
  12. In the File Upload box, navigate to the accounts file you downloaded in step 1.
  13. Click OK to close the File Upload box and return to Openbravo ERP.
  14. When you are happy with the information you have entered, click OK to create the client.
  15. When the process is complete a confirmation message appears, listing the database tables that have been created.
  16. Select the Information tab.
  17. If you plan to use the Warehouse module, clear the Allow Negative Stock checkbox. If you plan to use the Warehouse module, select Allow Negative Stock.
  18. Click Save.

Bigger, Better and Bolder Events at 2010 Mindanao Internet Café Association Summit

Once again sometime in February 18 and 19,2010 at SM City davao, the officials of the different internet café associations in Mindanao will troop back to Davao City for the 2010 Mindanao Internet Café Association Summit (MICAS).  Much like the First MICAS that was held in 2007, the Internet Café Association of Davao headed by its president Mr. Adolfo Solanor will take the lead in organizing next year’s gathering.

“It is an honor and a privilege for I-Café Pilipinas to be part of the team led by ICAD that would organize the 2010 MICAS in Davao City in February” stressed by Mr. Ed Zafra, Chair of I-Café Pilipinas the national advocacy organization mainly composed of the internet café associations and operators in the Philippines.  “We truly believe that the 2010 MICAS will serve as a vehicle in the further development of the internet cafes as a leader in community ICT access for peace and development in Mindanao” added by Mr. Zafra.

Bigger, better and bolder for the 2010 MICAS is the battle cry of the organizing teams.  Bigger in terms of participants as they get in touch with the other  internet café associations in Mindanao and other stakeholders in the ICT industry.  Better for what is planned are three simultaneous events –

  • ICT Trade Exhibit that will showcase the latest advances in computer hardware, software and internet related services to the internet café operators
  • Internet Café Entrepreneurship Workshop for those who are interested in investing in an internet cafe business.
  • Main Conference for the officials of the internet café associations and operators to come up with an action plan that would further the development of the internet cafes industry in Mindanao.

Bolder as the participants set their goals as they claim their leadership in ICT access at the community level.

Official Blog: 2ndmicas.wordpress.com/

Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/#/pages/Second-Mindanao…/191063362765?ref=ts

Official Twitter Page: twitter.com/2ndMicas

Plurk.com: www.plurk.com/2ndmicas

Official Email Address of the Secretariat Team in Davao City: mindanaosummit@yahoo.com

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1st North Luzon FOSS Conference

The University of Baguio in cooperation with the ASEAN+3 Node of International Open Source Network (IOSN), the ASEAN Foundation, the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE), the Philippine Open Source Network (POSNET) and Baguio Association of Private and Technical Institutions (BAPTI) will be holding the 1st North Luzon Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Conference on January 18 and 19, 2010 at the University of Baguio.

Official Event URL: http://www.ubaguio.edu/norlufosscon/

Read more..

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