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Mozilla Support Web and IT Summit 2011

Mozilla support the web and IT Summit 2011, The WEB & IT SUMMIT is an annual event that started last 2011 through WebGeek Ph together with IT Society of AMA University during the AMA Foundation Week. After its launching on 2009, AMA Information Technology Society handles the said event on the succeeding year  with the help of different sponsors and companies in the industry. In just 3 years of making noise in the IT Industry, WEB & IT SUMMIT had been popular and anticipated yearly not only by our students but also some of different Colleges and Institutions related to the IT Field.  The 3 days event seminar is a success.


Fixing USB issue on virtualbox in Fedora

Having issue on USB using virtualbox? or your having a problem that you cannot use any usb device to detect inside virtualbox? here’s a simple solution just to detect the device based on my experience using fedora 16 installed with virtualbox :

1. Once you install virtualbox, you need to access the user and groups

2. Go to groups and look for vboxusers

3. Double click to go to properties and add your account

4. Once done,you need to edit the /etc/fstab file and just add this line

none /proc/bus/usb usbfs devgid=991,devmode=664 0 0

Note: You need to change the 991 to the group ID which you can locate on the user and groups.

5. reboot your machine

Now you can test to plug any USB device the virtualbox will detect it without an error.. :)


Media Player on Fedora

I’ve just installed fedora 16 KDE and trying to test one of the online radio for stream but its embed with windows media player, If your looking for alternative  to Windows Media Player in linux you can try to install the MPlayer.

Here’s a simple two (2) step:

1. Go to Konsole/Terminal

2. use this command: sudo yum -y install mplayer-gui

Then try to refresh the page of the stream radio and test to play :)



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Cebu Pacific is also on sale 11.11.11

Cebu Pacific is also on sale of this day as they offer 11.00php lite fare to all destination Travel period  Jun.1 – Dec 15, 2012 visit their website at http://www.cebupacificair.com/

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