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Hardware Freedom Day

The Digital Freedom Foundation is proud to announce that the Hardware Freedom Day registration is up. The  Digital Freedom Foundation is also the organization behind Software Freedom Day (SFD).

What is Hardware Freedom Day?

Hardware Freedom Day is a worldwide celebration of Open Hardware. Initiated in 2012 by the same organization behind Software Freedom Day it aims at educating the worldwide public about the benefits of using and promoting Open Hardware. It also provides an international day to serve as a platform to raise awareness to existing projects and communities around the world as well as encourage participation in local Open Hardware initiatives.

What is Open Hardware?

For some Open Hardware is a logical evolution of the Free Software philosophy applied to physical stuff, where both code and design blueprints co-exist. However no one can deny that humankind has evolved through a DIY and hack & share-it culture until patents prevented us to do so.

For more information about this event visit their official website http://www.hfday.org/ or if you are interested regarding this event feel free to subscribe on their mailing list at http://mail.sf-day.org/lists/listinfo/hfd-discuss and register your event using this link http://www.hfday.org/cgi-bin/register.py .


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