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Project Website KCCDFI Launch

I've just finish the website of Kasanyangan-Mindanao Foundation Inc. of the KCCDFI one of the Microfinance Institution based on Zamboanga City. The site is made of Joomla:

project Type: Portal/website
project URL: http://www.kccdfi.org 
Technology: Joomla, Photoshop

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Claret College of Isabela

2 days fixing design for Claret College of Isabela I.T.1 Department site and still lucking some content. I've already put an alumni network for I.T.1 Department. Just visit the site.. The site is build with Joomla Content Management System and Gallery2.

URL: http://claret.co.nr/

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Localization Project

Hello guys just want to post this site those who want to translate this site specially in Tagalog. The author of Ubuntu Story website ( www.ubuntustory.com ) which helps people to get know more about Ubuntu and let people share theirstories about this fantastic system.

They have currently 3 language version of this site - English, Polishand Spanish. Those who want to help with localization just post a comment here..

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Addon for joomla

While doing my site project for FYDO Inc., I've found a cool component/Plugin that allow you to fight spam for your site (Secure Registration etc.).

For registration you will need CB Captcha Plug-in that during the registration process it generates a security image and an input field along with verification logic. But before installing this you need first to install the CB 1.1 Suite. The file contains the core distribution package for the Community Builder 1.1 suite.

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