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My Portfolio

Here's some of my project:

Web development and Consultancy  Old Project:


  • Kasanyangan Foundation Incorporated (KFI) -A Microfinance Finance NGO based in Zamboanga. http://www.kccdfi.org - (Web Development)
  • Mindanao Open Source Society (MOSS) -Community Based Not-For-Profit Organization http://www.minoss.org
  • PC4Peace Project -Japan based NGO having a project in Cambodia http://www.pc4peace.org
  • Mango Cloud Team (FOSS for SME's) supported by Inwent Germany International
  • Furigay Colleges Inc. -Private College in Isabela City and Lamitan, Basilan  http://www.furigay.edu.ph

(Some Link are not working due to client didn't renew their domain and hosting)

Active Web Development  Consultancy Project:

Upcoming Projects:

  • www.senoritasuites.com -  Web Development Consultant for suite based in Matti City to be launch by September 2017.
  • www.pahalisuites.com - Web Development Consultant for suites based in Zamboanga City to be launch by September 2017.


Community Contribution:

  • Ubuntu Marketing Team
  • Mindanao Open Source Society
  • PC4Peace
  • Mozilla as a Representative
  • Computer Professional Union