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1st Community Portal of Basilan

I'm planning to create a website/portal for Basilan equipped with updates/news about that provinces with the help of the community journalist from different schools in that area ("hope there would be a lot of community contribution"). Currently I'm still planning the site using wordpress and launch by January 2010. The site title would be "Basilan At Post" the 1st ever community news portal of Basilan, for beta test i'll be using a sub domain of Mindanao Open Source Society. I'll announce later the sub domain if it is already up.


Education in Isabela City

Here is some list of Education in Isabela City, Basilan:


  • Basilan State College - located at Barangay Sumagdang, offers the biggest number of courses among tertiary institutions in the City
  • East Elementary School
  • Pilot Elementary School
  • Begang National High School
  • Begang Elementary School
  • Basilan National High School - the premier secondary educational institution in the Province


  • Claret College of Isabela - formerly Fatima School, the only Catholic-run sectarian school in the City, located at Barangay Sta. Cruz, also has a High School and Elementary Department
  • Juan S. Alano Memorial School, Inc. - affiliated with the Juan S. Alano Memorial Hospital, Inc., offers Midwifery and related health science courses, located at Dona Ramona T. Alano Barangay
  • Jack n Jill Integrated School owned by Abner S.Rodriguez and Hansel and Gretel International School provide preparatory and Kindergarten learning for pre-school toddlers, with the former offering Elementary grades up to the 6th grade level

Visit Isabela City

Isabela City is a 5th class city and the capital of the province of Basilan, Philippines.The city is located on the northern shore of Basilan. Across the Basilan Strait  to the north is Zamboanga City. Zamboanga City is very accessible via ferry boat (lantsa - 1 hour travel time).

Currently Ferry Boat Available Travels Daily ( Zamboanga- Isabela):

  • M/V Stephanie Marie (Aleson Shipping Lines)

Zamboanga- Isabela : 10:45A.M./3:45P.M.

Isabela - Zamboanga: 6:45A.M./ 12:45Noon

  • M/V Estrella Del Mar (Aleson Shipping Lines)

Zamboanga Isabela: 6:45A.M./12:45Noon

Isabela- Zamboanga: 10:45A.M./3:45P.M.

  • M/V Princess Nicole (Ever Lines)

Zamboanga Isabela: 7:00A.M./1:00P.M.

Isabela- Zamboanga: 10:45A.M./3:45P.M.

Public Transport:

Currently if you are in Isabela City you can travel around using the public transportation like Tricycle costing 10.00pesos. Isabela City is accessible to different municipalities in Basilan.


Isabela City telephone area code is 062.


  • Annual Cocowayan Festival - Anniversary of the Cityhood of Isabela, April 25
  • Fiesta Santa Isabel - Annual Feast of St. Elizabeth of Portugal, July 8

Cellular Network Available:

  • Smart/TNT
  • Globe/TM