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OpenOffice 3.2.0

Last February 11, 2010 the OpenOffice.org release their latest version of openoffice 3.2.0 with a lot of new features and improvement to their product. I've just download last night their latest version and trying it.

here are some improvement :

  • Faster Start-up times

- Compare to the lower version when you open it.. the start-up times load slow while the last openoffice 3.2.0 it load faster reduced 'cold start' time by 46% since version 3.0 was released just over a year ago.

  • ODF Support

-OpenOffice.org 3.2 has made further strides in compliance with ODF 1.2, including closer conformance to OASIS ODFF/OpenFormula specifications.

  • As OpenOffice.org 3.2 currently requires a superset of the ODF 1.2 specification, the software now warns users when ODF 1.2 Extended features have been used.
  • The document integrity check now proves whether an ODF document conforms to the ODF specification (this mainly affects ODF 1.2 documents). If an inconsistency is found, the document is treated as a broken one, and OpenOffice.org offers to repair the document.
  • Proprietary File Support

- Password protected Microsoft Office XML files (supported document types: MS Word 2007 documents (*.docx, *.docm); MS Word 2007 templates (*.dotx, *.dotm); MS Excel 2007 documents (*.xlsx, *.xlsm); MS Excel 2007 binary documents (*.xlsb); MS Excel 2007 templates (*.xltx, *.xltm); MS Powerpoint 2007 documents (*.pptx, *.pptm); MS Powerpoint 2007 templates (*.potx, *.potm)).

- OLE objects, form controls and pivot tables can now be read from MS Excel 2007 documents (*.xlsx, *.xlsb).

-Encryption support within the Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP filter allows password protected Microsoft Word documents to be saved (using the Microsoft Office standard RC4 algorithm).

-Filters for AportisDoc and PocketWord now support type detection based on DocType. As a result, files in these formats can be loaded without explicitly selecting the document type in the file picker.

-When writing string data to SYLK files, embedded double quotes are no longer escaped by doubling; semicolons are now escaped by doubling. This improves compatibility with files created by other applications

  • Support for Postscript based Opentype font

-There are many high quality commercial and free OpenType fonts that are based on Postscript outlines. They are now supported for formatting, printing, PDF-export and display.

OpenOffice 3.2.0  Feature: http://www.openoffice.org/dev_docs/features/3.2/

Download OpenOffice 3.2.0: http://download.openoffice.org/

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OpenOffice.org Conference 2009

I've just vote the OpenOffice.org Conference 2009 to be held on Philippines. conference details below:

The OpenOffice.org Conference (OOoCon) is the annual meeting of the international OpenOffice.org Community. It is the premier event for anyone interested in or working with OpenOffice.org. OOoCon is where representatives of all the community projects meet to celebrate and learn from the achievements of the past twelve months, and discuss how to meet the challenges of the next twelve.

We are now starting a Community consultation to help us decide where to hold OOoCon 2009 and OOoCon 2010. If you were a registered member of the OpenOffice.org community on January 1st 2009 and would like to attend OOoCon, please let us know your preferred location.

The Consultation closes at midnight UTC on February 27th.

For full details, please visit:

Who is a registered member of the Community?

For more information about OOoCon please visit:

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OOo Conference 2009 in the Philippines

The Computer Professional Union response the call for proposal for OpenOffice.org Conference (OOoCon 2009/10). Below is the full proposal for the event.

Proposed Date(s)
November 2009

Location (country, city)
Quezon City, Philippines

Special visa or entry requirements (e.g. vaccinations)

Conference venue(s) (e.g. university campus, municipal buildings)
University of the Philippines (Diliman Campus)

Conference facilities (e.g. WiFi, video streaming/recording)
WiFi, video streaming

Accommodation (especially any low cost hostels etc)

External transport links (nearest airport(s))
airport taxis are available in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)

Internal transport links (within city)
shuttle service

Team Lead (main contact person)
Rick Bahague (CP-Union)

Team Members
Kaloi Garcia (CP-Union)

Abby Fulgeras (Office Rep. Teddy Casino, Philippine Congress) Ganni Tapang (CollectiveTech.Org)

Reileen Dulay (TXTPOWER.Org)

Francis Malayao (Software Freedom Philippines)

+ about 13 FOSS groups of Software Freedom Day Team.

Local events that are taking place in parallel (or immediately before/after)
No Reply

Section 2 – Proposal

In 400 words or less, answer this question:

Why should the Community award OOoCon 2009/2010 to your team?

The Philippines is one of the ideal international venues in Asia. Being located in a strategic point in the Southeast Asia region, our country is very accessible and low cost airfares are available for people coming from different places around the globe. Aside from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, there are also other airports in different parts of the country which service international flights.

Apart from its accessibility, the Philippines, also offers high-quality services in terms of logistical and technical needs which are very critical in holding international events. It has one of the largest business districts in the Asian region in which all kinds of services can be found. It also has a large number of world class hotels, restaurants and other establishments which offer products and services at competitive rates.

In addition to these, the Philippines is a home to magnificent sites inside and outside the metro and has a very authentic culture which make the country a tourist haven.

OOo Conference 2009 in the Philippines

The Philippines, with its expanding Information, Communication Technology (ICT) industry and its vast number of ICT professionals which are exposed to different tools and are providing services not only inside the country but in all other parts of the globe, will be the most appropriate venue to hold the OOo Conference in 2009 or in 2010.

Since 2004, Philippines is one of the countries which host Software Freedom Day and CP-Union is the lead organiser of this annual event in the Philippines. This yearly event has always been greatly attended and the number of attendees every year always doubles from the previous year.

With the growing demand and popularity of open source softwares, a bill on the use and accessibility of free and open source software (FOSS Bill) was drafted by a legislator in the House of Representatives and is now being reviewed in order to be passed a law in the country.

Thus, the immense encouragement and support on the use of open source software from the different sectors in the Philippines and also from the government creates the best climate in propagating and promoting OpenOffice.org.

URL: http://marketing.openoffice.org/ooocon2009/cfl/quezon.html

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OpenOffice.org 3.0 is now available

The Sun Microsystem has finally release the new OpenOffice Final release 3.0 is now available.

Some Core Features:
  • ODF 1.2 Support
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Import Filter
  • MAC OS X Support
  • Chart Enhancement 
Download OpenOffice: http://download.openoffice.org/
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