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2011 Updating my blog

Almost done updating my new website look (design) and moving some link to another location. I'm also looking for an exhange link to my blogroll (exclusive for friends ONLY.. hehe) that's why i've change my design, and integrated adsense on my blog including integrating some new services from adserve.ph and networkedblog (click here to follow my blog).

I've also upgrade my wordpress version to 3.0.5,¬† put back my pagerank (4/10) and lastly updating some old plugins im using.. ūüôā

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3rd Provincial Congress of Campus Journalist

Just a short write-up about the upcoming event dubbed 3rd Provincial Congress of Campus Journalist (PCCJ)  in Basilan that aims to promote campus journalist on November 17-19,2010 at Claret College of Isabela, headed by the Clarion Publication with their theme "Campus Journalism  urging peace and ecology for all of humanity". They actually invited me to become one of their lecturer, my 1st time to gave a lecture on a bunch of journalist...  Ill be posting some picture after the event..

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I move my Bloggers to WordPress

Yesterday, i just move my personal blog(blogger) to my personal domain and hosting (www.rjiansevilla.com). The site runs on wordpress, so i migrate the content from blogger to wordpress.

I'm still exploring the wordpress and modifying the templates i use. Ill publish  it within this week.


HS Batch Meetup Calvario-Baluno

For the 1st time my batch from High School suggested to have a small-get-together to plan the upcoming reunion this coming December and also because one of our classmate will be leaving this October to Riyad. last October 4, 2009 we went to Calvario Barangay in Isabela City to have that gathering because it is their fiesta and we have 2 batch classmate who live there, my 2nd time to be on that place also. We leave the town proper about 9:30am and arrived the place around 10:00am.
After visiting on our two classmate around 1:00pm we decide to visit our another classmate who is located at Baluno Barangay, it takes about 30 minutes rides from Calvario Barangay to Baluno.It's been years since i visit that place and it change a lot. before going home around 4:30pm we decided to have a picture taking for remembrance.

Photos: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=582177&id=1537033073#/album.php?aid=34192&id=1537033073

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