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PricePanda For Price Comparison

28 Apr

Looking for a website that can compare price when you purchase gadget? Found this nice website that was venture by Rocket Internet known as PricePanda  as the leading price comparison website in South East Asia. For Philippines you can also compare the price by visiting their official website at . Rocket Internet is one of the world’s largest e-commerce focused venture capital firms and startup incubators founded in 2007 by the Samwer brothers.

Price Panda


Web and IT Summit 2011

06 Nov

The WEB & IT SUMMIT is an annual event that started last 2009 during the AMA Foundation Week. After its launching on 2009, AMA Information Technology Society handles the said event on the succeeding year (2010) with the help of different sponsors and companies in the industry. In just 2 years of making noise in the IT Industry, WEB & IT SUMMIT had been popular and anticipated yearly not only by our students but also some of different Colleges and Institutions related to the IT Field – Mapua Institute of Technology, Lyceum of the Philippines, De La Salle University – Cavite, AIICS, Fatima University, and so on. Now on its third year, WEB & IT SUMMIT 2011 will be going extreme. We will feature different categories of interest that will spark the minds of the students as well as the Web and IT communities and make them mobilize their gaming experience in different perspectives. This event will serve as an inspirational event for the students. Furthermore, students will be enlightened and can now be able to choose their path wisely in the field of information technology. visit their Facebook fan page  for more updates on this event.


PhpMyAdmin is asking for Password

15 Oct

It’s been a week figuring how to set-up my localhost server with LAMP (I’m using Fedora 15 KDE)  and encounter an issue on phpMyAdmin when browsing using http://localhost/phpMyadmin it is asking for username and password, even though i didn’t set-up password on mysql. Finally it’s just a short tweak on config file to access the mysql using phpMyadmin.

1. You need to be root and access the phpMyAdmin config (

2. Look for  AllowNoPassword

3. the current settings for that is FALSE, you need to set it to TRUE.

now, test to browse the phpMyadmin onto your browser just type the username: root and leave your password to blank. Hope this will help, for those you encounter the same issue same as mine.. :)


Project Website KCCDFI Launch

11 Mar

I’ve just finish the website of Kasanyangan-Mindanao Foundation Inc. of the KCCDFI one of the Microfinance Institution based on Zamboanga City. The site is made of Joomla:

project Type: Portal/website
Technology: Joomla, Photoshop